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Made with color and light in mind these pieces were created to interact with light by casting colorful shadows on the wall or with more subtle displays in ambient light. These pieces respond to available light sources and the way they glow will change throughout the day. In this way they can be markers of time and season. 

Hang on the wall with sunlight coming in from the side to cast colorful shadows that move with the sun. Or near a window to see the glass shine brightly. Hung near a lamp they can also cast impressive shadows.  And even a flicker of a close candle can give a warm glow and low shadows. Sometimes the right ambient light will make them glow a bit and cast short but saturated shadows. If you are using the sun to illuminate these remember they will change a lot with the seasons. Endless possibilities.

Hanging: Strung on a coated poly-strand cable weighted to 25 lbs. These can be hung anywhere using the correct hook or whatever secure fastener is appropriate for where it will hang. Wall anchors or other stabilizers are always recommended when in doubt.

Care: Clean glass with any glass cleaner mixture or product you usually use. Glass is a pretty durable material, but still and extra soft cloth is recommended for any cleaning or dusting.

This is an an ongoing series of light + glass studies in light’s effect on glass.

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